Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Love is...

With Christmas rapdily becoming a distant memory, my attentions have now turned to the next main event ....Valentines!!!

Following the success of my sweetie jars in the run up to Christmas, I wanted to create some equally amazing sweetie jars for Valentines.

One sweet synonymous with love is the Rolo with age old tradition of 'saving your last Rolo' for the one you love. Anyway, off the back of this I came up with is this;

On the lid it says 'Love is...' using the fab dotty font from Helen from the 'It's All Fiddle Fart' blog.

And on the side label I have printed '...saving ALL my last Rolo's just for you!'

The jar is filled with, you've guess it.... Rolo's and I'm surprised I am resisting the urge to eat them!

I will add asome gold ribbon and possibly a nice heart charm around the neck just to finish these off nicely.
And for once, this is all my own idea and not inspired by someone else! Yay me.


  1. Aww what a sweet idea (sorry couldn't resist it) :) Where do you get your jars from? Jaqui x

  2. Thanks. The jars are from Ikea, PepPop, they were 4 for £1.99 but I was in Ikea last week and they are now £2.07 for 4.