Thursday, 30 December 2010

Lantern Flight - Part 1

Today is a date in the calendar which is approached with mixed emotion. As year end approaches, it marks a significant memorium. 33 years ago today, we lost my sister, Linda, aged 4 to meningitis.

For my Mum especially at this time of year it is especially diffcult trying to enjoy the festivities with us as a family, but then tinged with sadness as year end approaches. We don't usually 'do' anything to mark the occasion; it is noted and words are spoken and a visit is paid to the cemetery, but that's all. However after I spotted a friend had released lanterns in memory of parents they lost earlier in the year, I thought it would be really nice gesture and something to physically 'do' to mark the occasion and for my Mum to experience a bit of a release.

I purchased some lanterns quite cheaply and tonight, as a family (well, minus one of my brothers) we headed for the dips at New Brighton.
Our hopes of releasing the lanterns were quickly dashed when it was only the breeze that was inflating them and we knew that they would not float as intended, so we aborted mission. That said, it was a good giggle trying and we are all now looking forward to Lantern Flight - Part 2...

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